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Intelligent automation includes a wide range of technologies that enable machines to read, understand and draw insights from data to make decisions with human-like intelligence. This includes technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision.

Process Invoices in Seconds

Intelligent automation enables organizations to automate manual processes and workflows 


Intelligent Invoice Processing can help organizations achieve cost savings of up to 30% in their AP operations.

Automate repetitive tasks

Automation reduces the time taken to complete the task enabling the organisation to focus on higher-value tasks.

Speed up processing time

Data is automatically captured from the source and after recognition is routed to the relevant person for approval.

Reduce processing cost

Graip is minimizing the need for manual input and processing. Tasks are performed by the software and only validated by people.

Improve result accuracy

Automated data recognition increases accuracy and reliability by eliminating errors associated with human input.

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Document Recognition

Document are captured by mail or via file upload to the system. Documents reader supports formats like pdf, xls, txt, doc, csv, images. Captured Data is transferred to the functional bots for further processing.

Integration Library

Verified data is extracted to the relevant system of a choice according to the process (ERP, CPQ, CRM, HCM, etc) or used for document creation in different file formats: XLS, PDF, XML, etc.,

of organizations have an average of 4-10  hyperautomation initiatives underway.*


Intelligent Processing

Data is extracted and processed according to requirements.  Processing results are verified by human and corrected/updated, if necessary, before extraction.


Integration Library

Verified data is extracted to the relevant system of a choice according to the process (ERP, CPQ, CRM, HCM, etc) or used for document creation in different file formats: XLS, PDF, XML, etc.,

"Intelligent automation is a game-changer for the company. It allows to streamline processes, reduce costs and improve customer service."

We get data in your system

Graip is integrated with your ERP and accounting system, making sure you get result immediately with no additional effort. Supplier and payment data, invoice and purchase order sync, reconciliation directly to general ledger.


A connected business is a smart business.

Clear Business Value

Reduce document processing costs. Remove routine paperwork from your Accounts Payable Invoicing team and reduce the number of hours they spend on invoice processing.

We work with your preferred RPA vendor

Graip assists you in maximizing the benefits of your existing automation initiatives, regardless of the automation platform.

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Accelerate AP process

Automate AP process including incoming invoice processing, PO matching, approvals, payments and reconciliation.

Reduce manual work

AI assisted document processing, automated matching and posting to your finance system with no manual work. 

Eliminate errors

AI capture with 99% accuracy, automated PO matching and seamless integration to your finance system eliminates errors. 

Reduce costs

Accelerated AP process saves time, money and allows you to scale operations without increasing capacity. 

We care about your enterprise data

We are committed to following a high-quality and consistent security management system. It is our highest priority to protect all types of information and data provided by our clients.


Document data extraction and verification takes minutes instead of hours of manual input.

Business Consulting 

Incoming document recognition automation allowed us to double number of customers without increasing team capacity. 

Bookkeeping Services

Getting invoice data directly in ERP with no effort works like magic. 


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