Manual document processing

Create structured and usable data from various documents.

Manual document processing is not only time-consuming but also an error-prone process.  
Graip AI platform reliably automating manual, repetitive tasks and empowering your employees.

Graip combines the power of rules-based Robotic Process Automation and self-learning Artificial Intelligence to automate tasks that require complex decision-making. 

Robotic Process Automation



System based on rules

  • Reduce overall cost through predefined automation features

  • Handle process volumes that are low, medium, or high

  • Optimizes processes by automating manual tasks

  • Processes requiring human-like behavior

  • Extract data from unstructured sources

  • Automating tasks that require complex decision making

System that learns

How Graip Works 

Creating structured and usable data from various documents


Document Recognition

Documents are captured by mail or via file upload to the system. Documents reader supports formats like pdf, xls, txt, doc, csv, images. Captured Data is transferred to the functional bots for further processing.


Intelligent Processing

Data is extracted and processed according to requirements.  Processing results are verified by humans and corrected/updated, if necessary, before extraction.


Integration Library

Verified data is extracted to the relevant system of choice according to the process (ERP, CPQ, CRM, HCM, etc) or used for document creation in different file formats: XLS, PDF, XML, etc.,


Graip is all about process automation



Contacts to lead
Lead to Opportunity
Opportunity to Quote
Quote to Order
Order to Cash




Strategic Sourcing & Contract
Buy & Deliver
Plan & Forecast
Invoice & Pay
Supplier & Risk




Planning & Staffing




Idea to Market
Plan to Fulfill
Acquire to Decomission


Our Story

As leaders in CRM, CPQ, and Billing space for many years, we know everything about systems that are helping our customers to increase productivity and automate the front- and back-office process.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to help people to spend more time on what they are doing the best. Let AI do the boring part of daily job allowing us to do things that only human can do - be creative and communicate with people.


Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It is a branch of AI based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns, and make decisions with minimal human intervention.

Graip benefits

Increase process efficiency

Reduce human errors

Increase employee productivity

Improve process accuracy

Lower  processing costs

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