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Increase your Sales Team capacity with
AI assistant


Graip.AI assistant will reduce the document processing by 85% allowing your sales reps get more time to focus on customer related activities, rather than manually entering data from incoming documents to create a quote or sales order into your enterprise applications.

Help you team to achieve more

Allow your sales reps to process incoming customer requests faster and increase win rate with reduced response time and increased accuracy with Graip.AI sales automation tools.


Respond faster

Process customer requests quickly and always be first to respond with proposal.


Save time

 Reduces document processing time, leaving  more time for customer-facing activities.


Increase capacity

Allow your sales teams to show higher productivity with the existing headcount.


Get ROI fast

Generate more revenue with increased sales capacity and reduce processing costs. 

How Graip.AI Works 

HowGraipWorks White.png


Document Recognition

Documents are captured by mail or via file upload in different formats like pdf, xls, txt, doc, csv, images. Captured Data is transferred for further processing.


Intelligent Processing

Data is extracted and processed according to requirements.  Processing results are verified by human and corrected/updated, if necessary, before extraction.


Integration Library

Verified data is extracted to the relevant system of a choice (ERP, CPQ, CRM, HCM, etc) or used for document creation in different file formats.

Clear Business Value

Payback was reported at less than 12 months,
with an average 20% of full-time equivalent (FTE)
capacity provided by robots.

Deloitte Global RPA survey

We care about your enterprise data

We are committed to following a high-quality and consistent security management system. It is our highest priority to protect all types of information and data provided by our clients.


Complex Excel specification request processing time reduced from 40 hours to 30 minutes.

Industry: Manufacturing 

We have streamlined Purchase Order processing and automated Sales Order creation in SAP ERP.

Industry: Packaging

We are saving time and improving customer management processes by automating sales inquiry management and response. 

Industry: Automotive

Get started 

Book a call with Graip.AI business analyst to explore your specific use case for automation. 

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